Monday, August 23, 2010

How to Crochet in a Circle

Click on the picture for a short cut to a tutorial I did on how to crochet in a circle round.
The world is full of circles. From beginning to end. Tomorrow I am going in for emergency oral surgery and it's hard for me to keep reminding myself that this is just part of my path and circle. You, my friends where ever you may be this day are also part of my circle and I am part of yours. Today I ask for a little bit of your strength. I am very scared for tomorrow. I have an infection three inches away from my brain that is worse than we had previously thought... To keep my cool tonight I am blogging and asking you all to be with me in spirit, warmth, and prayer tomorrow. I will keep you all posted but I will be unable to respond tomorrow. Now on to the tutorial. This is something that I had a hard time finding easy instructions on how to do when I first started crocheting. I am no master at this by any means but I do find it enjoyable and hope that it is useful to someone out here in blog land. Hopefully I will be able to start making more elaborate doilies at some time but a simple circle can be used for many things such as; a pot holder, mug rugs, tea cozy, and doll wigs. As you progress you can used it to make balls, hats and bowls. I hope this helps. Have fun and please keep me in your thoughts. Appleshoe-
Update: I am home and recovering. More is posted on my Teacup Blog. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Winter Birds Art Swap

Starting from the top left: Chickadee , Cardinal, Titmouse (the one with a blue background in an ornamental crab apple tree), Nuthatch, and Blue Jay.
@ I have been spending every spare moment between working on a garage sale with Mum, a vacation, and getting the house ready for a puppy, trying to finish these squares. At last they are Done! The theme was Winter or Christmas related. I chose to make Winter Birds of Minnesota. They are made with beads, embroidery floss, felt, and wool rovings. The squares measure 5"x5". Each square will go to a different person, and five squares from five different people will be sent back. There are metal eyelets in each of their four corners. These will be used to string them together to make a wall hanging. It has been a lot of fun to participate in this art swap. I do hope whoever gets one of my squares likes them. I've had to get them back from my Mum a few times now. Maybe I will make her a set for Christmas. They were a lot of fun to make and I want to try to make other pictures in this style. Now I'm off to the post office. Where ever you are and what ever you are doing today have fun!

A special congratulations (long over due) to Beth for winning my first give away. I hope she enjoys them. She asked me to wait a week before sending them and I accidentally waited two. They are in the mail and hopefully will arrive before this weekend. Take care.