Monday, February 6, 2017

One Last Goodbye

Hello My Friends,
This is my last post in this space.
I have been putting it off for a while now, hoping I could stay. Life, however, is sending us on a different path.
I began this journey (and it has been a journey) seven and a half years ago, shortly after becoming a bride and buying our first home. This has been a sacred place where I have jotted down about our lives, crafts, soul, our TWO children we've had during our stay in this space, the loss of loved ones, and even my deteriorating health.
A few months ago my husband and I made up the decision that we need to move. I am no longer physically capable of staying in our beautiful home. Since we began this journey I have had to learn how to be a mother to a special needs child, and this home does not support his needs. Don't be sad for us. This is just a new chapter, a beautiful chapter. You see, we have grown. This is no longer the right home for us, so we are setting off to find a new one. Our current home is too large for the minimalistic lifestyle that we have grown into and now embrace. Our new home will come with many beautiful gifts.
The gift of financial freedom. A smaller home will cost less and likely we will just buy it outright. Wow! Right there. The freedom that it brings just to say (type) it out loud.
Less "stuff" to bog us down.
We don't use all the space in our home, so living freely and fully in our new space will be a beautiful blessing. "We" will grow to fit our home, instead of our "stuff" growing to fit the space.
Acreage. Room to run and play. Nature to hold in our hands. Chickens, and maybe one day goats!Nature is a great healer, and I believe that this move can only help my sons on their paths.
And not to be forgotten, the physical freedom to be in my home and easily leave whenever I want. Too often I have been stranded upstairs in our current home, physically unable to go downstairs or even leave the house.
Our cabin in the woods or forgotten farm house is waiting for us.
We are living our dreams.
This is no longer the right place for us, but the right place is out there calling. Soon we will find our home. Soon we will leave behind the ghosts that haunt this home. The pain that these last three years has thrown at us.
A new beginning.
When we find our home, we may yet start a new blog (or vlog) about our new homesteading journey,
but for now this is goodbye.
Thank you to all the amazing women I have met and grown to love these past several years. Thank you for the lessons learned. Thank you for the shoulders to cry on, the joy of being able to help at times, and all of the wonderful advice. Leave a message below (or email me as many of you like to privately do) with your email addresses to keep in touch, and when we start again I will give you the address for our new blog (or vlog). I will not post the new address here. Too many ghosts haunt this place, and we are leaving them behind. Please stay in touch. Thank you for joining us on our journey.
This is a last good bye to this space, but not you my friends.
Please come with us as we chase our dreams.
With all my heart, Shine on~