Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feeding Geese and Soul

I've had so many posts and crafts I've been meaning to get to, but nature and pregnancy have had other plans for me. However, this weekend Bear and I escaped to feed the ducks along the river. It is a favorite winter past time of ours, but problems with this pregnancy have been preventing us from getting out. It came to a point, bed rest or no, I just had to get out. We took it slow and easy. Usually there are hundreds if not thousands of ducks here, but this year we only found a small flock of about 8 Canadian Geese. They were happy for the bread. We were happy for the stillness and the sound of the river flowing around the ice. It's such a peaceful activity and it helped us take our mind off of the looming threat that we may have to go too another state to have our baby. Things have not been going well. There is a specialist who can help us but he is in another state. It's all set up. If things don't improve soon we will be making a road trip; but for now we are thankful for the small things, sharing a quiet walk along the river, the sound of running water trickling under ice, and for a handful of geese. Wherever you are, have a blessed day and be well.