Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Easy Knit Fingerless Gloves

 These fingerless gloves are a gift for a friend of mine. I used a fairly bulky yarn for this project, but any yarn will do. This is a great gift and an easy way to use up snippets of yarn. 
1. Knit a rectangle (using garter stitch) that is long enough to span from your wrist to just above where your fingers start and wide enough to fold over your hand with a tiny amount of stretch. Leave the long tails of your yarn attached  to use for sewing. This rectangle is 4.5 inches inches long and  9 inches wide.

2. Next, lay your hand down on the rectangle and mark where your thumb will be using pins. I made orange marks because the pins did not show up in the photo. 
 3. Sew the tails of your yarn down the length of the folded glove leaving the opening for your thumb. Weave any extra length of the yarn tails back through the piece to make it seamless. 
 4. Add embellishments. You can use just about anything or leave it plain. I thought about using yo-yo's but decided on some vintage buttons. I plan to make myself a pair later this fall out of a mossy green and brown yarn. I will embellish it with walnut shell buttons. If you make a pair I would love to see them. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
 Have fun!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sea Breeze Serenity

 Waves crash and sea breeze blows
 The tide rushes in over my toes....
 Wind tugs and pulls our hair.. 
if only you could have been there.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Story: The Woman Who Loved Trees

 There once was a woman who loved trees. Lovely Oaks grew in her yard.
 When she looked at the trees it reminded her of when her children were younger and how they played in and around them. This always made her smile.
 But one day the trees grew sick and had to be cut down. The woman was very sad. The wood could not even be used for fire wood or the smoke would spread the sickness to other trees.
 She told her daughter in spirit how sad she was and told her about all the happy memories she used to have looking at the trees. The woman wished there was some way to use the wood. This gave her daughter an idea...
 Her daughter in spirit told the woman's husband her idea...
 and he went to work cutting up the wood.
 He made a lovely set of a table and chairs out of the wood just the right size for children. Then they were brought to the daughter's home where the neighbor children happily began to have a tea party.
The woman was happy again knowing that children were using the wood from her beloved oak trees once more.
The End Beginning.
Thank you Mum and Pop. The neighborhood children love their new table and chairs and I know that one day Panda will love them to. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fairy Garden

 I have always had a love of fairy gardens and when I was younger I built them all over my parents yard. A year or two ago Bear bought me this giant pot to sit next to our front door and I have been dreaming of turning it into a fairy hallow. 
The little house is made out of Polymer Clay and a pop-can. The windows glow in the dark so it looks like someone is home at night. Everyone who visits our home is cheerfully greeted by this little garden. My younger visitors ask who lives there and my older visitors say it makes them feel young again.
I have entered my garden into The Magic Onion's 5th annual Fairy Garden Contest. I love my new little garden and hope you do to. Maybe you might grow one of your own? If you do, I would love to see. Have a beautiful day, be well, and Have Fun!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nova Natural Give Away

This lovely Waldorf mama Doting on Deirdre is giving away a gift card to Nova Natural this Saturday. She has a fun blog with great photos so even if you miss the give away please still stop by her blog to say hello.