Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ehlers Danlos Ring Splint Review

As some of you know I have a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or EDS. EDS is a genetic mutation that effects the production of collagen and makes it easy for me to hyperextend and sublux all of my joints among other symptoms. For years I have been wanting Silver Ring Splints. They are incredible splints designed to hold your finger DIP and PIP joints in place preventing you from hyperextending and subluxing your finger joints. The problem is they can cost anywhere from $80. to $200. apiece thus rendering them out of even my hyperextended reach.
Recently I discovered Rebecca of EDS Jewelry Creations on Etsy. It is her goal to make functional rings splints at affordable prices. She was kind enough to send a large lot of her ring splints in various styles and metals for me to try out. Here is what I've found.. The rings that have oval or flat beads on the ends are comfortable but can catch and rub on things and other fingers. They are rather pretty and could see them for a night out, but for everyday use I would recommend a different style. The rings that have round beads on the ends are somewhat uncomfortable but not as much as I thought they would be. The lower ball is virtually undetectable but the upper one I found myself rubbing and catching on everything. The rings that have flat spirals on the ends are my favorites by far. They lay flat against the fingers and are the most comfortable for me. They do not rub on other fingers or catch on things, and they are also easily adjusted. It is easy to forget they are on. Out of all the metals (copper, brass, and stainless steel) stainless steel worked best for me. The copper is functional but slightly soft and the brass tended to bend out of shape (that could also be because of a smaller gauge). I have also ordered a sterling silver ring and am happily waiting for it's arrival. Rebecca is now offering rings with different sizes and in sterling silver. I would recommend finding what ring size fits for you before ordering.
After sewing and crafting with them for a few days I must say that these are incredible. If this is your first experience with ring splints you may only want to wear them for a short while at first as you get used to them. Though it is tempting to never take them off. These are an amazing alternative to the more expensive and harder to obtain silver ring splints. I would definitely recommend them to anyone with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Take care.