Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Easy Knit Fingerless Gloves

 These fingerless gloves are a gift for a friend of mine. I used a fairly bulky yarn for this project, but any yarn will do. This is a great gift and an easy way to use up snippets of yarn. 
1. Knit a rectangle (using garter stitch) that is long enough to span from your wrist to just above where your fingers start and wide enough to fold over your hand with a tiny amount of stretch. Leave the long tails of your yarn attached  to use for sewing. This rectangle is 4.5 inches inches long and  9 inches wide.

2. Next, lay your hand down on the rectangle and mark where your thumb will be using pins. I made orange marks because the pins did not show up in the photo. 
 3. Sew the tails of your yarn down the length of the folded glove leaving the opening for your thumb. Weave any extra length of the yarn tails back through the piece to make it seamless. 
 4. Add embellishments. You can use just about anything or leave it plain. I thought about using yo-yo's but decided on some vintage buttons. I plan to make myself a pair later this fall out of a mossy green and brown yarn. I will embellish it with walnut shell buttons. If you make a pair I would love to see them. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
 Have fun!

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