Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall is here

Fall is my favorite time of the year; the colors, the smell, hot cider, apple crisp, back yard fires, the crinkle of leaves as you shuffle through them, smores, children returning to school, birds flying south, and apples. Fall is the time when the earth holds it’s breath before winter’s long sleep. It seemed fitting to leave myspace and begin this blog the first week of fall. As the leaves change I reflect on the year, its blessings, and all that has transpired. This certainly has been a busy year. Bear and I are getting cozy in our new home. The strange weather patterns have made our yard the envy of the neighborhood. It seems that we are the only ones that are blessed with fall colors this year. Our tree in the front yard is a brilliant orange with enough yellow to make the tree look as if it has been touched by King Midas. While most of the state is morning the loss of color and a poor harvest this fall my neighborhood is counting its blessings. Every where there is drought but here everything is lush and fertile. I guess that is why there are farms for miles in all directions and people come from far away to enjoy the savings of our local farmers market. There was not enough time for me to plant a garden when we moved in. I am already eagerly planning and anticipating our garden and harvest for next year. In the mean time I have bushels of apples to pare and core from my parents orchard, fall crafts, and a business to look after. Truly, this was a year of blessings. There are rooms that need painting, a furnace that needs replacing, ceilings that need to be redone and a whole plethora of other repairs; but for right now it’s time to sit back and just enjoy our blessings mixed with a hot cup of chai tea and watch the fall colors swirl.

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