Friday, March 5, 2010

Cardboard tube Leprechauns

Go Green this Saint Patrick's day with recycled cardboard leprechauns for decorations. I thought it would be fun to make some tube people like I made when I was a child for decorating. No toilet paper tube, wrapping paper tube, or egg carton was safe from my crafting when I was a young. I used this same method to make castle people, pirates, angels, family portraits... You name it! So grab your lads and lassies and sit yourself down for a wee bit o' Saint Patrick's day fun.

You can use any type of tube. Toilet paper tubes are usually handy. You will also need an adhesive (I used double sided scrap booking tape). To dress your leprechaun you can use anything you want; construction paper, scrap cloth, glitter, paint, buttons, and felt are good ideas...
To make the feet use the tube as a template to draw a circle on construction paper. Next draw a heart around it (or just two bumps for feet). Cut the bumps out and cut through the center of the circle.

Cut notches out of the half circle part and fold them down. Use adhesive to attach them to the inside of the card board tube.

Cut strips of colored paper for the "pants" "shirt" and "Face". Wrap them around the tube and attach them in the back. I used a marker to draw a line on the pants to make it look like legs.

Now we will make the hat. I want my leprechaun to have a green hat so I used green paper. Trace around the tube to make a circle. Then draw a bigger circle around that one. Cut notches inside of the smaller circle. This is going to be the brim of the hat.

Fold the notches up and slip it over the top of the tube. If it doesn't fit just cut the notches slightly bigger. Make sure that the notches are facing up, then attach them with an adhesive.

Make a strip of paper that matches the color of the brim and wrap it around the notches on the brim. Secure it with adhesive in back and along where it is covering the notches or it will just slip off.

If you want to cover the hole in the top of the tube make another circle with the tube and draw a slightly bigger circle around that (like how you made the brim). Cut notches on the outside circle going in and fold them up. It should look kind of like a bottle cap.

Tuck the notches inside the top of the tube and glue or tape them as you go. It's helpful to have an extra set of hands for this part.

Use markers or paint to make a jolly face and to decorate the clothing. The little leprechaun in this picture was made with a painted face and felt for clothing. Don't forget to wear green. Happy Saint Patrick's day, Erin Go Bragh, and Have Fun!


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