Saturday, July 3, 2010

Match Sitck Rockets!

In honor of the Fourth of July I thought it would be fun to make Match Stick Rockets. I made these when I was little and had a blast (if you will excuse the pun). First you will need to make a launch pad. They can be made of just about anything that wont burn and will hold a match stick at a slight angle. One of these is made with a block of scrap wood and the metal part of a curtain hanger, one used a paper clip that is duct-taped down to a piece of wood for stability. and one is just a door stop covered in aluminum foil. The launch I used as a child had a hinge nailed to a piece of wood and a small metal tube soldered to the hinge. The scrap wood raises the launch up so that you can get under the rocket to ignite it, but I'm getting ahead of myself.1. For the rockets you will need a wooden match stick, pins, and a small piece of aluminum foil.
2. Take a small piece of aluminum foil and lay the match head on an edge. Place a pin on either side of the match head.
3. Be careful not to punch a hole though the aluminum foil and wrap the match head tightly. Slowly pull out the pins. There should be tiny tunnels where the pins were. These are the exhaust ports for your rocket. Be careful when handling the rockets to not crimp the small exhaust ports the pins have made.We noticed that regular kitchen matches are now bigger and have less phosphorus on the match head then when we were children. If you can find the regular smaller boxed matched the first rockets will work, if not you can cut the kitchen match in half and continue use the first set of instructions. I've also heard that you can scrape the phosphorus off of one match and put the powder in the aluminum cover and double the strength of your rocket.Take your rockets and launch pad outside. I recommend using your driveway as a launch sight. place the rocket on the launch pad with the match head overhanging the edge slightly. Use a lighter to ignite the rocket. Hold the lighter under the aluminum tip for a few seconds. The heat from the lighter will ignite the rocket. Be careful not to burn yourself and have a happy and safe Fourth of July...
Some safe tips if you are lighting your own fireworks are:
Don't cut the wicks smaller unless the instructions say to.
Do not stand directly over a firework as you are lighting it.
Once lit, step away!
Use ear protection for small children. The loud noises can harm their little ears.
Use bug spray.. Really.


  1. Yay...such fun! Lovely..what a super fun idea! Thanks so much for sharing! And thankyou for your lovely comment!
    Have a happy day!

  2. I do remember theses, long time ago. Congratulations on your new on-line shop! I will be checking it out~

  3. Wow I haven't seen this before....:)

    The magpie is the Australian Magpie I thing you can get magpie pie all over the world?
    they look different and come in different sizes from memory.
    This magpie is quite cute it sits on the railing and sings to me some mornings. I feed it some morning the meat scraps from the kids dinner the night before.
    These birds can be quite vicious at breeding time they attack people that come into their territory by swooping then and pecking them. This usually happen breeding time there a little say over here "magpie season"
    I saw I bike rider getting chased down the mountian by a angry magpie when I was driving a few season ago I felt sorry for the guy but it was comical to watch Im sure It wasn't for the bike rider.
    Im sure we ok here we share this place with the Magpies. Ive rented quite a few different places that had a magpie family live around us and they have left us alone never attacked us.
    They are very smart birds I think they recognise people. People either love them or hate them over here. I love them...:)

  4. Thank you very much for your visit
    Meeting you is always a pleasure

  5. What a fun idea - I have to show this to my husband as he would love it! And good luck on your Etsy Shop - I'll be back to check it out.

  6. Oh, your blog is adorable!!!! So many wonderful things to look at and explore AND I love what you wrote in your profile...beautiful! I just became a follower too.
    I have a blog that has a link party thru Sunday if you'd like to link something's fun! I just ask people to post their favorite word on their blogs and then link it up...(some people put a pic with the word, but not necessary.) I just thought I'd tell you because you're so creative!
    I know you must have a favorite word!