Tuesday, August 30, 2011


What a rush this past weekend was. Stiftungsfest was so much fun. My dear friend SARN came with for the day. Here we are setting up bright and early. The vendors on either side of our stall were such a delight. One of them sold knit items for infants and the other stall sold beaded items and polar fleece shawls.After being inspired by Bending Birches I could not stop making these Story telling Puppets. The children at Stiftungsfest loved them. The parents were not so sure about these faceless dolls but one little girl stole my heart when she came in and said, "whoever made these has talent. They are beautiful". I bought this apple hat from the vendor next to my stall. She also had a pumpkin hat and I went back and forth all day as to which one I would buy for my future baby. The apple won out in the end.... But you probably saw that coming even without the picture ;)One vendor was selling these cheerful found object flowers. They were so happy and sunny. I wanted to get one.... or twenty... or forty..... But I was trying to be good and just snapped this picture instead.

Bear and I are already looking forward to next year. We took so many notes and are already dreaming up what we will be adding. Bear wants to make some wooden boats, play stands, and doll cradles. I will need more Happy Birthday Bunting banners and some sun block ;) Take care and have a blessed day. And thank you once again, everyone who helped make this all happen.


  1. WOW!!! It sure looks lovely and glad that you had a great experience.

    I remember over the years of market selling parents asking me why the dolls were faceless.

    cheers Marie

  2. Thank you much for your kind words Marie. That little girl just about stole my heart away with her sweet comment. Take care.