Sunday, August 19, 2012

Painted Rocks: and a new garden

 Hello, this is a fun and easy craft that works from ages 3 to 100. I know, recently I had 5 children over and here are the beautiful gems we created. I finished them with a clear coat glaze so they can be put outside in the garden. I also hot glued felt circles to the bottoms just in case they wanted to display them indoors and not scratch tables and shelves.
 This weed patch (and future home of some of those painted rocks) has greeted guests since we moved in. This summer a young neighborhood friend has been helping me move landscaping rocks out of the bed so we could turn it into a garden. (Thank you J for all your hard work)..
Using leftover garden supplies from other garden projects this is what we came up with. Bear and I LOVE it!! The painted rocks will show up like gems in this garden. I can't wait to place them. Have a blessed day, and Have Fun!

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