Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Poppers/Crackers

 These poppers do not pop, but they are pretty and oh so much fun! We will be using them to reveal our baby's gender this Christmas for visiting family. Some of the charms inside are not pictured to keep the secret for now, but some good holiday ideas would be jingle bells, candy, tiny ornaments and/or charms.
You will need:
Tissue paper
Wrapping paper
Cardboard tubes
Fun things to stuff inside

We used the cardboard from label makers but toilet paper tubes would also work. For stuffing we used silver bells with gender appropriate ribbons tied to them, charms that say "It's a ___!", tiny safety pins that are the appropriate color, and candy.
 First, stuff the cardboard tube with goodies and then roll the cardboard tube in tissue paper. Leave an inch and a half to two inches of extra tissue paper on each side. Give the extra tissue paper a little twist on each side to keep the goodies inside while you tie the ends off.
 Next use some ribbon to tie the ends.
 Wrap some wrapping paper around the cardboard tube and tape in place, curl the ends of the ribbon, and trim off the access tissue paper.
And there you have it. Another fun and easy craft for the holidays. Place them in a pretty bowl for your guests this Christmas and New Years and Have fun!

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