Thursday, January 3, 2013

Baby Gender Reveal!

  Hello and Happy New Year. It is with great pleasure that I announce that Bear and I will be having a baby BOY! I've known that this child was going to be a boy since the moment I found out I was pregnant so I can't say that I was all to surprised when the ultrasound tech said, "Boy". He is healthy and growing stronger day by day and Bear and I could not be happier.
 My little Red Panda, my heart brims over thinking of you and the day we can finally hold you in our arms. There will be so many adventures for us all in the coming years and beyond. I look forward to the privilege of being your Mum and teacher and hope that I can be the mother you need. I pray that I will never fail you. I will never deny love to you or turn you away. There will be times when you may do things we don't like, but during those times we will always be there for you with open arms, patience, and understanding. Together we three will grow and learn from each other as a family. With Bear and I, you are home and these doors will never be closed to you. This is my solemn vow to you little one. We await you our son and the joy you bring with open arms and open hearts.


  1. Oh how wonderful, the joy of it all, the bliss, the excitement.
    Love and light Marie

  2. Such great news and so happy for you! It's wonderful knowing this little fellow is being waited for with such love and joy - and I think your promises to him are simply lovely.