Monday, September 30, 2013

DIY Cell Phone Flip Case

 Bear updated my old flip style cell phone with a new iPhone this weekend. It's nice but I was worried about the screen getting scratched. All the covers we looked at were expensive and ugly so I went to work designing my own. 
 First I needed a decorative case (the type that just covers the back can be found cheap). We bought this one on clearance for $1.07. What it looks like doesn't  matter because it will be covered when finished.
 Cut a piece of cardboard the same size as the case , a piece of felt that fits folded over the cardboard and case, and a pretty piece of fabric for the outside of the case. Cut the fabric a half inch larger than the cut piece of felt (see picture). Make sure to cut out the area for the camera eye on the felt and fabric ( I used the hole in the case for a reference/template for cutting that out). Then glue down the case and cardboard with hot glue leaving a half inch border free of glue (you will need that for sewing next).. 
 Fold the extra half inch of fabric under the cardboard and felt and then using small whip stitches carefully sew around the whole flip case. Use tiny stitches and go slowly on this part. Make sure to add a closure. I used a button and elastic hair tie (don't worry, there is a picture of that next). Sew the camera eye hole the same way. Then fill in the gap between the material and plastic case with more hot glue. Don't add so much that it squishes out; but if some does, wipe it away before it hardens..
This is the wooden button and hair tie I used to close my new case. A snap, light magnet, Velcro, or ribbon would have also worked.
Ta dah! It's done! I saw a lot of flip cases with pockets in them for cards and a Velcro stylus, but I did not want to risk scratching the phone with them. This is what it looks like. What do you think? 
Have fun and Be well!


  1. This is so cute and so creative! I love it!

  2. I so love the idea of creating something as cool as this.


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  5. Your case is the easiest I've come across so far! I look forward to making a phone case with my daughter for her new phone! It's a POSH model and I don't like any of the cases or pirces to protect her phone. We will have fun picking out fabric scraps to create her custom case!

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