Monday, October 28, 2013

Baby Food Jar Pumpkins : Remake

 I saw some adorable painted jack o lanterns made out of baby food jars on Pinterest, but I just did not have time to paint them this year. This is my happy alternative. It's incredibly fast and easy. I whipped this batch up for some sweet neighborhood children in under 5 minutes.
 You will need baby food jars, paper, glue, pipe cleaners, and a marker. 
1. Cut a strip of orange paper to fit around the jar and glue it down (I used hot glue to make this go faster). 
2. Cut a circle of orange paper to fit on top of the lid and glue it down.
 For the stem,
3. make a little curl at the end of a pipe cleaner (this curl you will use to glue down on the jar lid). 
4. bend the pipecleaner at the height you want the stem to be.
5. Curl the left over pipe cleaner around a pencil and glue to the top of the lid.
 6. cut a leaf shape.
7. cut or punch a tiny hole in one side and slip it over the stem. (fold the leaves in half the long way and write the names of the recipients on them)
8. Draw a cute Jack o Lantern face on your pumpkin
9. Fill and they are ready to give to your favorite little pumpkins (wink)
I filled these little jars with a mixture of pumpkin seeds, mini dairy free chocolate chips, tart dried cherries, and candy corn (Jelly Belly has GF candy corn). 
Happy Halloween every one. Be safe and Have fun!

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