Sunday, January 12, 2014

20 Crunchy Mammas

Hi, I've been MIA for a few months so here is the scoop. Panda is developing a hatred for the computer room. I used to be able to blog while he napped but no more. Sigh.. I think he hates the hum of the computer but moving on. I have started a FaceBook group for 20 Crunchy Mammas (hey that's also the name of the group!). I can still use my phone to FaceBook while Panda is napping so I'm not completely off the map yet!  This is a place for mammas to make friends, share crunchy stuff, and be all granola-iey (is that a word?). I am opening this group up for 20 women and ONLY 20 women. I'm keeping it small so that we can all get a chance to get to know each other and keep the air of the group familiar and friendly. I think all to often in groups that reach in the thousands in memberships tend to get a pack mentality and I was looking for a way to avoid that. Yep, that's about it. We have 7 members right now but I am hoping that a few of you might like to join. SO here is your invite! Click on the picture to go to the FaceBook request/join page.. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Oh--this sounds nice. I am not on Facebook, but I hope this turns into something great for you and those who are a part of it. And I so get babies not liking computers (Cash is kicking and screaming on my lap right now, hee hee).