Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Please Welcome My Dear Friend Loomer

Hello Blog land, I'm so happy to share this new Etsy shop with you. This store (LoomyLife) belongs to a young friend of mine. She is a talented, hardworking young woman and I am so lucky to know her.

Hi Loomer, How old are you?
Loomer: I am 14 years old. 
How long have you been knitting?:
I have been knitting for 6 years or so the regular way, but began loom knitting this past December. 

Tell us about yourself:
I am a very ambitious person, and I love to make make make! I have a wide variety of interests, but I especially have a heart for children. Often, when I don't have a project going, I make something for one of my special friends. I enjoy music, and love hanging out with my friends. 
Why did you start this store? 
I started this store on recommendation from a friend when I gifted him with a homemade hat. I realized what an opportunity it is to share my work and at the same time raise money for an upcoming mission trip I'm taking to Mexico. I attended this trip last year as well, and my entire point of view was flipped around! It's crazy what spending a week and a half in another country will reveal to you. One, I am incredibly thankful for my family!!! Two, I am grateful to God for allowing me to meet such fantastic people as I did on that trip. Three, don't take anything for granted!!!

What inspires you?:
My parents inspire me to never stop doing, learning, growing. They have taught me to be my own unique person, and to love who I am. I have learned from them what a gift it is to be living the life that I am leading, and I don't take that lightly. I strive to learn something new all the time, in struggles, or in good times. Taking a step back and taking a look at the big picture can teach you a lot. My pastor inspires me. He is ever faithful to encourage the youth in our congregation, and challenges us to make the most of our opportunities. He has taught me to live life abundantly. Finally, my God inspires me. His creation leaves me awestruck. I learn in school about the intricacies of cells, animals, and plants and it's amazing to me that he would create such a beautiful world for me to discover, because he loves me so much. Looking at a child inspires me. They are so sweet and trusting, and want to just do as much as is humanly possible in one day! 
What would you say to other young people who want to start an Etsy shop?:
Don't think that you are too young. Don't take for granted your gifts and talents. If you love to do something, do it! Do it with your whole heart. And if that is making something, share your gift with the world! You never know who would love the things you do individually. There is not one person on this planet like you. Not one. So be you, and show the world your uniqueness!

Thanks for joining us today Loomer, Please check out her shop and giver her a warm welcome. Be well.

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