Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Toddler Tuesdays: Part 7

A belated welcome to Toddler Tuesdays part 7. The Moon and Circles.
This week Panda and Bear have both been sick (and I think I'm coming down with the same bug now), so things have been pretty quiet. Our bin is full of practice golf balls that look like little moons and other circle or space related items. I had a small pail with robots on it running around. It's perfect for filling and dumping. I even whipped up a felt rocket and some finger puppets (ahhh, is there anything felt can't do?) .... 
They happen to also fit on his train. There was a second astronaut, but it vanished shortly after I made it and I honestly can't find where he put it. I found the pattern for the astronaut at Crack of Dawn Crafts. The alien and rocket I made up. Panda really likes the aliens googly eyes. I caught him serving tea to it with a kiss and a giggle. It was a melt my heart moment. 
 I made a moon for the light box out of a colored file divider and two different sizes of hole punches. Along the side of the moon there are some dollar store finger paints.
Panda didn't like the paint on his fingers but he came up with the idea of sliding the moon around and watching it smear the paint. That was fun till the dog walked by... I now have a blue dog ; ) Oh well. it's non toxic and washes off easy.
We wove pipe cleaners through practice golf balls, and while it's not shown we've also been blowing a lot of bubbles around the house. 
 I didn't have any specific idea with this one. I set out some balls and a hula hoop for Panda to find and just let him play. He started rolling the balls around inside the hoop, watching them follow the curve. Then he curled up inside the hoop and rested for a bit. Next he got the idea to swing it over his head so he was in the hoop and then out. Next it was my turn and he had fun trapping me in the hoop. He made it roll along the floor and ran circles around it. He played with these simple things for over an hour. I wish I took notes. His imagination went wild and he had a ball (please excuse the pun).
Thanks for visiting. Have a blessed week and please let us know what is going on in your home this week. Shine on!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon my friend.

    1. Thank you. I hope to be back in the thick of things soon.

  2. Such great ideas. Hope everyone is better soon.