Thursday, June 18, 2015

Toddler Thursday: Numbers

 Some weeks are a hit and others a miss. This week was a miss, but I promised to post things that didn't work as well as things that work. So here it goes. Our theme was numbers/counting and our sensory bin this week had numbers, beads for counting, stars for counting... And moon sand... Panda thoroughly enjoyed eating the sand. It might be a while before we try this again.
 We tried sliding pony beads onto pipe-cleaners and counting them. Panda usually enjoys beading, but this week he was uninterested.
 We tried hop scotch, but most days were to rainy or I was dealing with morning sickness or general pregnancy pains. So Panda mainly ran along our stepping stone paths when we were out and I just called out a number with each step. I don't know if he got anything out of that, but he thought it was fun that I said a "funny word" with each step he took (i.e. number). 
We tried drawing shapes and numbers in flour... Again, he was uninterested.
 So I made him a parking lot and numbered the spaces and cars. We named the numbers while parking them. This was more up his ally. However most days he just ripped up the tape as soon as I set it down.
To go with his parking lot I built a thriving metropolis. He loved this, but I had to put it together while he was asleep. This week was full of destruction and mouthing objects. However, it was not all demolition. I noticed him saying more words, asking for more things, and being generally more aware. Something must be working. Next week we will be working on word association with a Beach theme. Please stop on by next Thursday and Shine on!


  1. I love your metropolis. Sorry it didn't work, but I do think it's worth trying again in about 6 month's time. He'll catch on, and when he does he's gonna love this.

    1. I think it was just an off week. I can't wait for this weekend visit. Hopefully he wont destroy your home ;)

  2. Oh my...We win some and lose some don't we? Sorry the numbers weren't a hit. They wouldn't be with my little man either. Hopefully the beach theme is more of a success. Sorry I'm so very behind on reading your blog. I'll be working on catching up here this week. :-)