Thursday, July 2, 2015

Toddler Thursday: Ocean

Our bin this week only was played with a few times. I submerged small ocean life animals into a bottle of cheep (blue) shampoo from the dollar store. This was a win because Panda hates slimy things but loves these little animals. In order to get the animals out he had to reach into the goo. Win for a new texture.
This week most of our plans were pushed off to the side in favor of things I could do while on bed rest. I spent most days leaning over the side of the couch while Panda worked on the floor next to me. We also blew a lot of bubbles. A good weapon of choice for a mamma on bed rest.
Next we washed the animals off and played a sorting game. We've been working on a lot of counting games lately.
 I pulled out the fishing game I made last year for Panda and we named the colors as he caught the fish.
 I made homemade edible play dough again using the recipe from our frog week. This time I added some crumbled graham crackers for a sandy texture. We explored a few smaller shells and pressed them into the dough to make imprints.  Panda really Really loves this play dough. 
I also brought his kiddie pool inside and filled it up with balls to make a ball pit. My sister loaned me several sea life stuffed animals that I also tossed in. The plan was to have a huge full body sensory play set up for him to work out some wiggles. After three days we had to take the ball pit away. It was sensory overload and I just could not keep chasing down the balls that were all over the house. So we just ended up counting these stuffed animals, talking about their colors, and quietly playing with them. Not a super spectacular week for us, but we made it through. 
 Soon we will be starting little lessons from Before Five in a Row, but more on that later.
Till next week, shine on.


  1. So sorry you are on bed rest my friend. I love how you have adapted your activities to make them work for you and Panda though.

    Thinking of you. Hugs. xo

  2. I think it looks like a fun week. The ball pit was a bit of a bummer, but I'd try again in about six months. Something tells me he'll love it, the timing was just off.

  3. Seems like you guys did great as far as I'm concerned. I'm sorry you have to be on rest, I know you hate it. Can't wait to hear more about the Before 5 in a row... I'm yet to find a minute to sit down and look for it, but I will soon! :-)