Saturday, September 19, 2015

Talk Like A Pirate Day 2015

Ahoy me hearties! It's that time of year again. Today Panda celebrated his third National Talk Like a Pirate Day (here is the link for last year's celebration).  For those that don't know, this is one of my all time favorite holidays and bed rest or no, I was going to find a way to make today happen for Panda.
The day started counting our gold doubloon pillows.. and then tossing them around like any good scurvy sea dog would. To calm things down we drew treasure maps and practiced placing stickers on them.
 When we were cleaning up we found an "authentic" nature treasure map and decided to follow it to see what could be seen. We needed to find a leaf, a rock, a stick, a duck, and an acorn.
 Our adventure took us along the river (don't worry, I spent the day in the wheelchair to conserve energy) where we found our stick and leaf right away. Panda had fun chasing the ducks (don't worry, they were well compensated with treats afterwards). 
Panda loved calming down on the rocks and listening to the sound of rushing water and wind in the trees... We never did find our acorn, but we did find several helicopter seeds, pinecones, flowers, and a feather or two.. I thought that was good enough and happily gave Panda his treasure.
 This year's treasure was a tiny felt boat with peg pirates. Panda has been itching all week to play with them. He has been barely able to contain himself while watching me make them for him. The parrot has disappeared more than a few times to be admired with wonder in tiny hands.
Then it was off to our favorite cafe' for juice boxes and some yummy safe cookies.
 We had plans to go too a splash pad, but with temperatures in the 60's all day we opted for a boat turned ball pit sensory bin in the back yard. I don't think Panda noticed the shift in plans. He loved tossing and digging and flinging all these balls around.
I am exhausted and won't move for the next few days, but I'm so happy we made today happen for my little scallywag. It was a good day.
a very good day..
Shine on..


  1. I remember you celebrating this last year. I am so happy you were able to celebrate this year too. It looks like it was a great day, and I am sure your little man enjoyed it.

    Sending you much love my friend, I have been thinking about you. xo

    1. Thanks Kim, it was a wonderful day... But I over did it and haven't been able to get off the couch all day. On a plus side, I was able to catch up on some bloggers I've been missing. Hopefully I can catch up on a few more tomorrow. Shine on <3

  2. Haha! Awesome... What a great celebration. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time, even if I know you overdid. The pirate boat and pegs are so cute.

    1. Thanks, I had fun making his peg people. They are varnished enough to be safe to use in the bath (he loves bath toys). Take care.