Saturday, October 22, 2016

A year ago today...or Then and Now.

A year ago today we welcomed you, our tiny Badger into the family. I saw your impossibly tiny ears and whispered into them as you fell asleep (and every night since) that I loved you. 
You placed your tiny hands in mine. I know this is your way of telling me now that you love me back.
Your feet have grown so much and have taken you so far. You are only starting to take your first steps now. I wonder where your feet will take you as we step into this new year together.

My sweet little Badger. Happy Birthday. Know that my hands will never be to small to cradle your face or wipe away your tears. You are such a joy, thank you for choosing our family. We love your mellow spirit and your sense of humor. You can be quite a little ham sometimes. Happy birthday and
shine on my beautiful boy.


  1. Aww, gorgeous words and I love the side by side photos, he's grown so much yet still a sweet little baby. Happy Birthday Badger xxx

  2. I love these side-by-sides! So sweet!

    Happy Birthday little Badger!!! Can't wait to play with you tomorrow!!!

  3. very helpful post share! Happy Birthday!