Thursday, October 1, 2009

Planting Crocus Bulbs in Clay

No "Crafts" so to speak of today. Yesterday I planted 120+ crocus bulbs in my front lawn. Yes, I said lawn. The plan is for them to come up before the grass starts growing next spring and to be spent before the first mowing of the season. Around Easter, after a long winter, when every one's lawns are mud my front lawn will be covered in flowers for every one to enjoy. Now here is the catch, my yard is clay. To plant these bulbs I used a paddle bit on an electric screwdriver to make the holes. Then I carefully put the bulbs in (right side up). Next year I might try long tweezers to put them into the holes. I did have a slight problem of the bulbs wanting to flip. The holes were to small for me to flip them right side up. I solved that problem by drilling a second hole close by and digging the bulb out to replant properly. Tweezers would allow me to put them in right all the way down. Then I filled in the holes with potting soil so the frost can not get to the bulbs. I can't wait for spring. I will have either a beautiful lawn or fat squirrels. Wish me luck!

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