Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nature Table/Sented Pinecones

Ta Dah!! This is the new gnome house for my nature table. It's made with a wood base about the size of a square tissue box. I painted the roof green and then covered it with moss. Then I painted the walls of the house black and covered them with river stones. I used hot glue to attach the stones and moss. It might be a bit big for my nature table dolls, but for now it's supper cute. The pinecones are Cinnamon scented. You can buy them at $5. a bag OR you can make them yourself by brushing pinecones with cinnamon oil and tying them in a plastic bag with cinnamon sticks (you can also add dried orange peel and cloves). Shake the bag once in a while and in about a month or two they will be ready. Sure it takes a little while to cure, but it's worth it! You can sent your whole house this way.


  1. Appleshoe, I love, love, love your little house. It makes me want to go out in the woods and make one right now! It is so cozy. I have been creating a house out of wool for the Oak Family, a little family I am going to use to tell stories! Thank you for visiting my blog today. Beth

  2. Thank you Beth. Bear also loves the house. I saw the little houses on your post today; they are darling.