Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nonna Gaia

Here she is! I've wanted to attempt a polymer clay character doll for a few years. I'm so excited with how Nonna Gaia turned out. Her features and skin were purposely made so that she can be from any nationality. Her head, hands and feet are made of polymer clay. They have been painted with several different layers of stain and sprayed with a final clear coat of acrylic finish. Her hair is made of wool roving; there is a braid over the top of her head and a bun in the back. Her body is an armature made from wire, tinfoil, cotton, and clay. The dress is made from quilters cotton. I put a tea cup next to her for size comparison. Hopefully later this week I will get better pictures of the detail. Many many hours of work went into making her and hopefully she will be in the State Fair this year. That's all for now. Introducing Nonna Gaia! Have fun!!!


  1. Hi, She looks pretty cool, I can see the time and effort that you have put into her,it shows. Cheers Marie

  2. Hi Marie, thank you. I plan to put her in a rocking chair shelling peas for the state fair. take care.