Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tea Party

I have been busy planning a tea party for my Mum. She has always wanted to have a garden tea with her friends. So for her birthday I got to planning. For decorations I hauled out the lights and garlands that were used to decorate the reception hall at my wedding and decorated the walkway up to the front door. The wreath on the door was made of grapevines from my parent's yard and the flowers came from a thrift shop. I stripped them from a cheep plastic ring and then hot glued them into place. The table was set with a lovely table cloth that was made to look a little more fancy by placing a hand embroidered table runner down the middle. Under every Teapot and plate was a matching yellow doily. Doilies were placed on every side table to give a slightly more elegant air to the room. Several of the doilies belonged to my grandmother and my great grandmother, but a few of them Mum and I picked up from the bargain bins of an antique shop earlier in the week. I picked up several small boxes at a craft store to use as favors; believe it or not they only cost a dollar. They are made of wood and have a small silk flower under glass for the cover. I put a bag of my Mum's favorite tea inside with two chocolate hearts. The ladies loved them. Everything was lovely, simple, and elegant. This was a wonderful way to have a special tea with friends on a budget. I hope this helps to inspire. Have fun!


  1. Oh how delightful , a tea party, for the ladies, you did do well with all the arranging, it certainly looks lovely cheers Marie

  2. Thank you Marie, I hope this helps to inspire people. Tea with friends should never become a lost art. Take care.

  3. I read your profile and just smiled. What a tender soul you are. I too wouldn't be able to live without caring for the birds. They eat before I do.

    I love it that you're doing a special tea for your Mum.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island