Sunday, May 9, 2010

Straw Hat Floral Sticks

Happy Mother's Day! I write about the things I do with my Mum often in my blogs. She is an amazing woman. A Master Gardener, Tree inspector, and a fierce protector of her children. I don't know when or if Bear and I will have any children, but I'm glad that I have such a wonderful Mum to teach me everything a mother should be and so much more. Thank you Mum and Happy Mothers day! Today is a day to honor our Mothers and many of us do that with flowers. This craft is how to make an inexpensive and beautiful floral stick to tuck into a floral arrangement.

1. You will need: Bamboo skewers, Ribbon, small decorations, hot glue, and small straw hats. I bought everything here at Michaels Craft store except the skewers; those I bought at a grocery store.
2. Using hot glue secure a piece of ribbon around the straw hat.
Glue the little ornaments that you choose to use around the ribbon on the brim of the hat. I used little ribbon roses but any number of small objects will work like beads, feathers, moss, shells and so forth.
4. Finally glue the Bamboo skewer to the back of the straw bonnet. It is now ready to tuck into an arrangement.
5. One last thing... Happy Mothers day and Have Fun!


  1. A sweet creation, cheers Marie

  2. What a cute idea to make your own floral picks. I will use this idea year round when giving plants as gifts - thanks.

    It sounds like you have a great Mom - cherish her. I lost my Mom in 2000 to breast cancer.

  3. What a lovely post...:)

    The floral picks look pretty with the bunch of flowers...:)

  4. Thank you all. I do cherish my Mum and I'm sorry for your loss ParTea Lady.

  5. Hi! I love your floral stick with the hat. That is just adorable. Love the candle in the teacup too! You asked about the foxglove in my post. The one single pink foxglove is mine; the others are at Brucemore Estate. Our soil is clay but we ammend it with compost/humus. Have a nice week!