Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stockings and Stars

Little bits of felt and vintage sequins to make a memory. This year my sister asked me to make her boy friend a Christmas stocking. Our stockings are a tradition that my Great Grandmama started. When My Grandmama died I took over being the stocking maker for the family.Our 1950's stockings all look the same but have tiny differences. The first one is mine, made by my Grandmama 30 years ago, the second is the one I am hoping is finished by today for my sister's boy friend, and the last one is Bear's. I made it for him on our first Christmas and there were tears misting his eyes when he saw it. My Bear is such a softy. This is one tradition I will not let fade away.This star is the last of my ornaments I will post this year. I thought it was fitting that I should show it today. Layers of felt in alternating colors. So simple, yet so lovely.
I hope you are with family this day. To snuggle and to sip coco, to reminisce and make new memories. To laugh and to love. Merry Christmas everyone. Take care and Have Fun!

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