Monday, January 3, 2011

Paper Snowflakes

Do you remember making paper snowflakes as a child?First you fold a piece of paper in half;
and then fold again and again till you are satisfied or just can't wait to start cutting. Did you ever ask your Mum if you could use her pinking sheers because they left such a pretty pattern and because they were thick and heavy enough to cut through anything?
Snip Snip Snip, Mum's gentle eye watching over you as you worked.Carefully unfolding and seeing what beautiful snowflakes you have created and then hanging them around the house or taping them to the windows for all to see.
This is a January Tradition that I will never be to old to make. Bear and I made these for New Years and had so much fun. It brought back such fun childhood memories for Bear and his brother. Grab a wee one and make some memories today. Have Fun!


  1. Cute, Cute! I loveeee paper snowflakes. :-) Hope all is well!! Take Care!

  2. We made a stack of these, some of them diddy that we used as gift tags.

    And if this shows up here, then YAY! Because I have had a hard time getting my comments approved!

  3. I love making snow flakes too....:)