Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Cork People

Wow, I almost lost this whole week! Things have been hectic but I finally found time to post this craft. Do you remember my "Beach Cork People"? This is the winter version of them.
To start with you will need some red and white felt, q-tips (or pom poms or tiny bells), wooden beads (with or without painted faces) a cork and a screw. Cut a long strip of red felt start with for the scarf and a red triangle for the hat. Cut fringe on the ends of the scarf. Next cut two matching free form pieces of white felt for snow. Finally cut the tips of several Q-tips off past the stick part (but save the stick, they are useful for stir sticks or a number of other future crafts).
Attach the head (wooden bead) to the cork using the screw (a dollop of hot glue under the bead is helpful here to). Next glue on the hat and scarf. You could stop here but we wanted to make a land scape for this cork person.
Glue the two pieces of white felt together and glue your cork person to the 'snow'. Using the Q-tip tips you cut, glue the flat cut sides to the "snow" in a pile like rolled snow balls. I looked everywhere for my little bells or pom poms but could not find them, so I glued a q-tip ball to the end of the hat like a pom pom. This is the last step and you're done! Have Fun!!


  1. They are cute! From now I shall save my corks, because I think if I made those as Christmas ornaments in my tree that would be fun!
    Happy day!

  2. Precious! Wonderful faces! love, Beth