Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ric Rac Flowers: By SARN

For my birthday my dear friend SARN gave me a gift with this adorable ric rac flower tied on as a bow. A few weeks ago she taught me how to make them and gave me permission to share the directions on this blog. They are fairly fast to make and simple. They make wonderful embellishments for crowns, mittens, hair clips, bows and just about anything you can come up with. Oh, and they are fairly sturdy as well.
1. You will need stiff felt, ric rac, a button, and embroidery floss. I used red so that you can see the stitches, but you will probably want it to match your ric rac so it blends in.

2. Use a template to draw a circle on the stiff felt. Then cut it out. The circle I used for these flowers has a 1 1/2 inch diameter.

3. Sew an end of your ric rac with the edge pointing towards the middle of the circle. You will stitch over this later to hide it.

4. The side of the ric rac that goes up I call a mountain, the side that goes down is a valley. Stitch the valleys together as you make your way around the circle. (Use the photos for this).

5. This picture shows what it looks like once you have gone completely around the circle.

6. Begin your second layer. You will spiral towards the middle. Make sure to cover the stitches from the first row as you go.

7. Keep spiraling in until you reach the middle. Once there snip the end of your ric rac off. Fold it under and put a good stitch or two in to hold it in place.

8. This picture shows you what the back should look like at this point.

9. Sew a button into the middle of the flower and you are done.

Thank you SARN for letting me share this tutorial. What will you embellish with these adorable flowers? Have Fun!

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  1. oh, CUTE.
    I am so going to try my hand at this..
    and thank you, love, for your strengthening comments on my blog...they have helped already more than you'll ever know. I feel ready to "go"...ready to discover my strength as a parent in the face of difficulty.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear friend!