Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day Centerpiece

Eeeekkkk I almost missed one of my favorite holidays. Corned beef is on the stove, potatoes are roasting and taste-buds are watering. I love that people are always so happy on Saint Patrick's Day. Everyone is family, and everyone is gathering around a table somewhere. That is why I chose to make a centerpiece today.You will need some cardboard tubes and some flat cardboard to start with. Draw a circle slightly larger that your tube on a piece of flat cardboard and draw another circle the size of your tube on a second piece of flat cardboard. Then cut the two circles out. The tubes I'm using come from a label maker and the flat pieces are from an old box.
Glue the circles on the tube to make the top of your hat and the brim. Next paint your hat. Wait for it to dry and glue on some ribbon to make the band and buckle. There you have it; yet another fast fun craft. To jazz it up a bit more for the first picture I glued moss around the hat in patches and then nestled it onto a bed of moss with some seed pods, pine-cones and a feather bird. Have Fun!

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