Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chopsticks Made Easy

I love chopsticks. As a child I always insisted that we use them whenever we got takeout. This post is how to make easy chopsticks for people who have a hard time with them. I was trying to make them for a friend the other day but could not remember how. That night she went out to eat and someone made her a pair. She was kind enough to show me how it's done.
You will need:
- chopsticks with wrapper
-or chopsticks and a piece of paper cut to the size of a wrapper
- and two rubber bands,

Fold the wrapper in half lengthwise.

Roll the wrapper up tightly.

On the end of the chopsticks tie a rubber band and insert the rolled wrapper.

Tie another rubber band around the other side (I used two colors to show this part).
And you are done. They should work like a giant pair of tweezers. Have Fun!

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