Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Garden

Hello Everyone. Normally a post like this would end up in our family blog, but since this is about a project and it has been taking up so much of our time lately I thought it belonged here. Over the past several weeks we have been putting in gardens. This is our pond that we put in last year. We just finished upgrading it and it looks so much better.
Then we went to work on this garden. Last year we expanded it to look like this and planted vegetables in it. This year we decided to move our vegetables to a different location that produced better last year and gave this garden a makeover.
The rain has not stopped for several days except for an hour or two at a time, so we worked through the rain. My Ehlers Danlos is in overdrive now and I can barely move; but it was Worth It! After a lot of hard work and decision making....
THIS is how our garden turned out! Flowers are food for the soul. We hope this garden helps feed the souls of all who see it. Take care.

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