Thursday, November 29, 2012

Clothespin Reindeer Tutorial

 When we were little we received tiny reindeer ornaments made from clothespins. I don't remember where they came from but I always thought they were adorable. This is my sister's reindeer from way back then.

This is the remake that I will be using for this tutorial. I used miniature clothespins from the craft store so I had to use seed beads for the eyes, noes, and holly berries. If you use regular clothespins you can use googly eyes and pom poms instead. You will also need three clothespins, glue, some green felt, a tiny bit of white felt, and some embroidery floss for hanging your finished reindeer.
 First, cut out two holly leaf shapes from the green felt and glue to a clothespin as pictured. This will be the head of your reindeer.
 Next, glue on the beads or pom poms and googly eyes. Allow to dry before moving on to the next step.
 Once the face has dried glue the three clothespins together as pictured. For fun add a tiny teardrop of white felt to the back to make a tail.
The End!
I will be posting several ornament ideas and tutorials throughout the holiday season. Keep in touch and 
Have fun!

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