Monday, March 25, 2013

Nursery Mobile.

 Hello. We have been so busy getting every last minute detail in order for baby that there has not been much time for me to finish this one item. A few weeks ago I posted about my baby shower and am back to show what I did with the pieces of my decorated chandelier afterwards.
 I really wanted to make a mobile to match the nursery's decor; so I saved all the pieces off the chandelier after the shower, added a grapevine wreath and some pretty scrap ribbon. 
 Here are what the animals look like close up. They are made with shrinky dink plastic. Originally I was going to do the entire mobile out of shrinky dink.... Then I thought that perhaps breathing in melting plastic might not be so good for myself or the baby (face palm); I switched to card stock to make the leaves for the rest of the mobile and tied them in groups of 3 and 4 using embroidery floss to make a leaf chain. Hmm, the pictures might illustrate that better than my description. 
 Next I tied them all to the wreath keeping in mind how I wanted them to look when I hung up the finished project.
And The pretty ribbon worked lovely to hang the finished mobile to the ceiling. And at long last it is done! Not much longer and we will be welcoming our son into this world. I am so excited to meet my little Red Panda. Take care!


  1. "M Star" LOVE it! What a wonderful addition to the nursery.

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