Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Autumn Leaf Crown

 A boy and his mother were out enjoying a crisp Autumn day. They had been talking about seasons and enjoying the beautiful colors of Autumn. "Prince Autumn is coming", mother said, "We should leave him a crown".
 Mother sent boy to go collect several bright Autumn leaves that had fallen to the ground. He had fun exploring and looking for leaves. He chose several brightly colored leaves with edges that had not started to curl. 
 When he brought them to his mother she made a beautiful crown by weaving the stems through the leaves.
"Do you think Prince Autumn will like his new crown?" the boy asked. "I'm sure he will." His mother replied with a smile. 
The two left the crown waiting on a rock for Prince Autumn to find, and then went home.
The End.
Would you like to make your own crown? Below is a video tutorial. I loved to make these when I was a little girl. Panda and I had so much fun that I think making a crown for Prince Autumn to ring in the Fall might become a new family tradition. Have fun and be well.


  1. Such a lovely story. We made leaf crowns today too, and my little man has been wearing it around the house all afternoon :)

  2. Awww...those little folks remind me of Cash and me. :)

  3. So wonderful, thanks a lot for sharing

    cheers Marie

  4. how clever to use the leaf stems to join the leaves together. Now I only need to wait 6 months to make one! (spring here:) I think ill make some green ones before then though. Panda looks so cute in it