Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It Can't Rain All the Time

My Dear Son,
It's late and I am very tired, but this is the first chance I've been able to sit down and to write to you. I hope this makes sense when I read it again in the morning...
It can't rain all the time. This seems to be our mantra this past week, and I'm not just talking about the weather. (Though this has been one of the rainiest springs on record). No, I'm talking more about the things that keep raining in our lives. My strange illnesses are not helping. It seems every week something else decides to go kaput. Hopefully that part is over. And you my sweet, three molars and two teeth popped through this week. At this rate you will have all your baby teeth by the end of the month! My goodness,what are we up to now? 9 teeth and 3 molars? That's a lot of teeth for a 13 month old. Understandably, you have been a tad grumpy. Then there are the growing spurts. Spurt, indicates a short burst, but you never seem to stop growing. 13 months and you are already outgrowing size 2 toddler clothes! We never got to enjoy the itty bitty phase, you grew to fast. All the growing pains have made sleeping (or attempting to get anything done, for that matter) a nightmare around here.
Things have not been all rocky though. You as always astound us with how fast you are learning. You've started scribbling with crayons, bring me what ever book I ask for, pull grass when we are weeding, and run to bring your frog towel when one of us says we are going to take a shower. You understand so much. I wish more people understood how much babies understand. 
Today we had to rearrange the furniture so you wont climb over the couch and launch yourself over the half wall and down the stairs. (You are a great climber). Muse (our dog) was moping because this meant moving her favorite chair. You, being the sweet soul that you are, sought her out to give her a big hug and kiss.
So let it rain. Rain is part of life.We will get through whatever the weather throws at us with little sweet moments like these. It can't rain all the time.... And even if it does rain a lot, it just means more rainbows for us. I love you. Remember, you can't make rainbows without rain. Shine on.
Love, Mum~


  1. Love your last few lines. Perspective is a good thing :)

    1. Sometimes pulling out of a tough spot only needs putting things in perspective. Take care.

  2. I love the letters that you write to your child. One day when he grows up and he reads this, he'll be able to see his childhood through your eyes. And that will be absolutely amazing. :) God bless!

    1. Thank you. I sure hope these are still around when he is older. I may have to start printing them out for his baby book. I heard that some older blogs can erase. I hope that is just a rumor though, .