Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Around the Garden

This summer has been mighty crazy, but we have been blessed. Every day we are harvesting something and I have been carefully weighing and recording everything. We have been taking full baskets of tomatoes like the one pictured from the garden every other day almost. The house is full of smells. Bubbling sauce on the stove and in two crock pots, bread cooking, and tomatoes dehydrating. I will post our yield at the end of the season, but already we are quite happy with our little plot of earth.
 This year the butterflies have been quite prolific. This is the majestic Monarch. Right now we have fistfuls of their yellow and black caterpillars devouring our milkweed forest.
A Red Admiral 
 Yellow Tiger Swallowtail 
 Karner Blue Butterfly
And a common Sulfur...I also had a photo of a Mourning Cloak, but accidentally erased it.
Yesterday amid the flitting butterflies I began harvesting our herbs for winter. I could not get a good picture of everything hanging up, but our home looks and smells like an apothecary shop. I left half of the herbs in the garden so we can keep having fresh herbs up till the first frost.. The rest are being dried. 
Thank you for visiting today. I am tired, but feel so accomplished right now. Shine on!

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  1. Yay for garden harvests. I love this time of year, all the hard work starts to really pay off. Enjoy!

    Lovely butterflies. We have noticed the return of them this year, last year was not a good year. We are so happy to see them again. You should collect a few of those monarch caterpillars and hatch them It is pretty amazing!