Sunday, August 10, 2014

Table Makeover

Just a quick post today about this cute little table I picked up for FREE!
That's right, it was sitting at the end of my neighbor's driveway with a "Free" sign taped to it. It was sun faded and had some stains but other than that completely sound. I know it's plastic, but who can argue with a deal like that? Besides, I had some tricks up my sleeve. There was just enough paint left over from our patio project earlier this summer to paint this table and make it match the rest of our lawn furniture. The umbrella came from my mother in law and the stand from my parents. Both items just happened to be laying around unused. Now everything has a new life as a shady spot for Panda to play. We put it up on the patio next to his water table and it is just darling. What a difference a can of paint can make. Thanks for visiting. Shine on!