Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Toddler Tuesdays: Rainbows

Welcome to our 9th Toddler Tuesday. This week we are working with colors and rainbows. Our sensory bin this week is made of soap bubbles and food dye. I added a scoop, but Panda pretty much ignored that and just dove right in.
I made a rainbow for his felt board. The layers are just half circles stacked together. Panda enjoyed unstacking and rearranging them on his board. We also matched colors on this cloud pillow. He likes to point out colors as I say them. One of these days we might get lucky and he will start saying them back (fingers crossed). 
This was an invitation to play I set up for Panda. He really has taken to the utensil basket from the dishwasher lately... I don't get it.... So I decided to incorporate it in his play study this week.
He  quickly figured out that he could push the pipe-cleaners through the baskets and closed the pom poms all in the lidded basket for loose parts.
We pulled out his hand kite, bubbles, a rainbow silk.. One of these days we will get a stacking rainbow. There are so many children's toys that are brightly colored. Any of them could work for this unit. Go through your collection, I bet you also have a few on hand that would be perfect for this type of play.
I set up a strand of crystals in front of the window hoping to make some rainbows, but today we are in the middle of more snow and ice.. Hopefully later this week our walls will become a ballroom for dancing light and color.
From our grey part of the world to your home, here's wishing you light and color as our thoughts turn towards the return of spring and rainbows. What are you doing this week? Please leave a message in the comments field below and
Shine On!


  1. Beautiful rainbow colours, just what we all need this time of year. Have fun!

    1. amen. I have a feeling there will be a lot of color activities around here this month. Take care.