Monday, March 2, 2015


Dear Blog Mamma's I will be taking an absence from this space for a while. I hope to be back in April. Bear and Panda are fine, but please be thinking of my family as we go through a stressful time. I will post our weekly pictures, but that might be the extent of my net use for a while. Hopefully I will be able to stop by a few blogs as time allows. Things are up in the air. I just didn't want anyone to think I've forgotten about them as I'm away dealing with other issues. You are all my dear friends. I value the friendships that I've made in this place. Bear and I are fine, this is not an issue between us. He was worried that someone might interpret that as a marital problem, no one has cancer or a life threatening illness, it is just a stressful time.  We all go through them from time to time, and right now it's my family's turn. That's all I wish to say about that for now. Eyes high, prayers, and warm thoughts sent this way are most welcome. Shine on.
Week 9,  joining Jodi  and her 52 Photo Project.


  1. A lovely photo of your little man.

    Thinking of you, and sending lots of love as you move through this stressful time. Much love to all of you. xo

  2. How wonderful to see him smile. I know he was dealing with so many little bugs lately. You will be in my prayers. Take the time you need, we aren't going anywhere. xox

  3. Sharing all my love, prayers, patience, babysitting, and cheese-graters with you, Baby Sis!