Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Toddler Tuesday: Birthday Special!

 Today a special little boy turned two!
We threw him a Tinkerbell birthday party with special figurines. Today he opened the last one; a Gruff figure from the latest Tinkerbell movie. 'The Legend of the Never Beast'. 
There were lots of Tinkerbell decorations and cupcakes with green grass frosting and white butterflies.
They were very yummy.
Special wings and crowns were made, but Panda didn't want to wear his this year.
His very sweet friend loved hers and was thrilled to be able to take them home.
There were many friends, and many thoughtful gifts. Thank you everyone for coming and sharing in this special day. 
 We even had a surprise visit from a sweet neighborhood girl who made a guest appearance as Tinkerbell!!! An idea all of her own. Thanks A. That was and incredible, thoughtful, wonderful surprise!
Happy Birthday my beautiful boy! May this next year be filled with light and love. 
Shine On!


  1. I am SOOO glad it turned out so well! Loved the decorations... not too many, not too few!

  2. Happy birthing day my friend, and happiest of days to your little man. Wishing him the most amazing next trip around the sun.


  3. What a wonderful celebration! Happy Birthday Little man!!!! xox