Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Toddler Tuesday: Garden

Hello, We are a little late posting in the day because we just have not been up to snuff today. Panda has a bit of a cold and well.. Things have been stressful around here lately to put it mildly. For this week's sensory bin we used potting soil (note this is outside this week), garden tools, pink flamingos (because everyone needs pink flamingos), and silk flowers for planting. He liked this bin, but a freak hail storm drove us inside for today.
A few garden books to set the tone for the week. 
 Panda helped plant the seeds for the garden yesterday. I sprung for peat pellets this year so things would be slightly less messy. Panda enjoyed helping to sort them into their separate compartments (reminiscent of the ice cube tray and pom poms we played with last week).
 Once the peat pellets were hydrated, he helped poke the seeds down into the peat with a chopstick. Each day we will check on them and and he will help water them if needed. We will be watching for the first sprouts wake up and raise their heads. 
 I found this cute scrub brush at the dollar store. Bear came up with the idea of using it as a paint brush this week. 
Good call Bear. It worked well. When Panda is feeling better we will work outside in the big gardens each day prepping them for planting. We still have a ways to go. Planting does not start till mid May in Minnesota. Thanks for jointing us.  Have a blessed day. 
~Shine on~


  1. Loving the bin AND the ladybug brush!

  2. We have a rubber ducky brush like that... I'm sure my son would LOVE that painting project! Can I suggest an amazing gardening related boo to add to your collection? "Up in the garden and down in the dirt" by Kate Messner. Amazing! Hope you are getting over the stress and that little man feels better soon. xo