Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Toddler Tuesday: The Snowy Day

A while ago I talked about "Before Five in a Row".which is described as "A Treasury of Creative Ideas to Inspire Learning Readiness ". A book is read for five days in a row with several corresponding activities... Basically what I've been doing with Toddler Tuesdays already. However this past week we used "The snowy Day" by Ezra Keats, which is on the 'Before Five in a Row' reading list.
Our sensory tray was made with blocks, a Waldorf star doll made to look like Peter, a cardboard street light, a stick, for making tracks, and sparkling, mint scented Better Than Salt Dough.  I posted the recipe "Here".
There was a lovely snowfall at the beginning of the week. Bear took Panda out for a nature walk every day till it was gone to make tracks in the snow.
We made animal tracks in the dough as well.
A well loved activity. When we are done with this theme we will be using the dough to make ornaments for our friends.
We worked on counting and hand eye coordination with pony beads and pipe-cleaner snowflakes.
We also have been having indoor snowball fights to help get the energy out.  At the suggestion of Panda's therapists we will be stretching these activities out for two weeks at a time to help him with predictability. There were a few other activities we didn't get around to so I'll see if we can work on those this week and report back later. What are some fun wintry indoor activities you've used to keep the peace? 
Till next week. 
~Shine on~

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  1. Just wonderful... That book has been on our wish list for 2 years now but our local booksources seem to run out of them around November every year. Wonder why? LOL! I may have to order it in July and just keep it tucked away.
    I've been planning on giving a "Five in a Row" type routine to Little Man come the new year. You really inspire me.