Friday, January 29, 2016

January 2016 Pictures

I've seen many ways of recording special moments over the years on blogs. I've tried capturing special moments from each week, but I always fail to keep going for a whole year.
So this year I've decided to take pictures all month long and share a few at the end of  each month to recap and capture this year with my boys.
The two of you love each other so much, it is a truly special bond to see forming.
My sweet Panda, so full of life..
You may be full of wild energy, but you are also given to moments of incredible serenity.
Your first visit to the zoo. You stood entranced by the seals for their entire feeding and checkup. I've never seen so so enthralled before. It was magical.
We certainly are on a journey together. Oye, 5 hours at children's hospital and a new path for us all... Some changes may break my heart, but your smile and spirit always seem to mend it. You are one incredible little boy.
My dear Badger, so full of smiles. I've never met a more happy baby than you. 
You are now 3 months old. Oh the places you will go my wee Badger.
With that we head into February with our eyes wide open....
Most of the time...
~Shine on~


  1. Beautiful moments, gorgeous boys... Badger has gotten so big so fast! You told me how big he is, but my goodness... He,s gonna be a gentle beast. And Panda, I love seeing him and his little brother together. Such a special bond indeed.

    Wishing you just as many amazing moments in February. xo

  2. How is Badger 3 months already, gosh time flies. He is adorable, and I am so happy that Panda is enjoying his little brother.