Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Toddler Tuesday Recap

Hello, recapping how our week has gone and how this week is going. Switching to every two weeks really has been nice for us all. For the New Year we've brought back the Nature table! Right now it's pretty simple and more of a "nature display" just to get Panda used to the idea.. It has been well received, but we are having some trouble keeping things on the table. This is why we are doing a trial run with simple things. It wont be any good to have acorns and small rocks scattered on the floor in later seasons for Badger to find and choke on. (legos and animal figures like these are my two plastic toy exceptions... funny how they BOTH ended up on our NATURE table)
 This is a Snowman That Panda built all by himself. He really likes this activity, but could care less about the dice. The q-tip snowflakes were nice, but this activity really captured his attention. He also LOVED the snow painting.
Panda is sick... again, so we've done a lot of window activities. He loves light. This is him working with his light blocks. They glow like jewels.
The precursor to handwriting dissolved into "lets scribble on the windows", but that has been fun too. I just hate to push the little guy when he is under the weather.
And this is our therapy wall. It is going to change somewhat over the next few weeks as we figure out what is needed but it works like this. 
-The white board works like a white board. Right now I have a Winter verse on it.
-Above that there is a list of EVERYTHING we do during the day in fifteen minute increments. Oye! This is homework from Panda's therapists. I hope they don't ask us to do this again next week. 
-Next to that is Panda's food chart. I'm sad to say he is still not eating enough to make me happy, but his food issues are sloooowly improving. 
-The yellow envelope under that holds a million little pictures that Velcro to the outside to give him choices of activities when he is having a hard time focusing, and on the timeline underneath to tell him what is going on next during the day. 
-There are pictures of clothes for getting dressed, a hairbrush for brushing his hair, a plate for meals... That type of thing. 
-The pillow hands refocus him when he is stuck on something. We have him run to hit them and then try to redirect him to a new activity while we have his attention.
-at the bottom of the wall is a pile of his seasonal books. Moving them over here has rekindled his interest in books and I often find him sitting on the carpet flipping through them.
There you have it. Our therapy wall.... for now..
As for the rest of the activities, they are going well, but we've been making a lot of trips to the Nature Center during the day instead of focusing on our "school".
Sometimes you just need to get away. I love our Nature Center. They have several explorations tables set up for little hands, a giant tree in a puppet corner that you can go inside of and poke the puppets out of holes, a sand table with rubber-stamp animal tracks, huge observation windows, and so much more.
I hope you are all having a good week. What are you up to this week while we are out playing hookie?
Shine on.


  1. Well you know what we've been up to.

    I love Panda's snowman. That's my favorite part!

  2. How wonderfully he is developing. I can't wait for little man to show interest in more structured activities. But I'm sure that will come in time. I love your therapy wall. I'm thinking of making a high-5 wall as well. Such a fun way to get some excitemen out! :-)