Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer Solstice

Welcome Summer! Before another day slips by I want to record our Summer solstice events. I've been absent to long and my computer is not working right so bear with me while I record pictures that were unable to be edited (grin). First we started by making 
this 16 pointed Waldorf star.... Ah hem... With many errors, but it looks nice so I went with it. I might redo it later. I found the instructions "Here"
We also made a sun out of yellow lunch bags.. There were a million tutorials online how to do this.. This blogger has easy to follow instructions. She used 5 paper bags, I used 7.. But other than that it's all the same.
During a long drive in the country we picked roadside flowers for crowns and decorations. Panda even helped make a Sun Banner to put up.
I also made a Midsummer "Maypole". Panda loved this and had a beautiful moment of awe and stillness inspecting it.  We had no delusions that he would happily dance around it, so we chased him and jumped around and around it instead
Once everything was decorated we kicked the fun off with a color fight! I found directions on how to make colors with cornstarch from "This" blogger.. But didn't have time to make them and just ended up using some nontoxic powdered paint I had laying around.
It took a little to get Panda going, but then there was no stopping him. I can tell this is going to be a new family tradition for us. I feel that it honors this festival and my boys wild and free spirits perfectly.
I wish there was an "after" picture. We had so much fun. Really, you have to try this.
After we cleaned up from our fight (I didn't want either of my boys rubbing color into their eyes), we went back out for Panda's first official bonfire. We were a little nervous, but he handled it very well. He also made his first Smores. We use Smoreable gluten free crackers and Enjoy life chocolate chunks to make it safe, but the end result is just as yummy. I don't have a photo of our finale.. But as the night sky bloomed above us we set off on one more "First" adventure that is sure to not be a last. We took the boys to go catch fireflies! Oh what an adventure that was and a perfect kick off for summer..
So Happy Summer Solstice!
P.S. Bear will never forgive me for this photo, but I had to put it in. It's a horrible picture of us... But a Beautiful picture of "Who We Are".
Shine on!


  1. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day! It looks like so much fun!

  2. Sounds like a great way to welcome summer. Happy summer my friend.