Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bottlecap Ladybug Magnets

Happy first day of spring everyone! To celebrate today I thought it would be fun to make some ladybug magnets out of bottle caps. I seem to have a healthy supply of them. People found out I craft and now they save them just for me (Thank you).

For this project you will need glue (super gel glue works and so does high temp hot glue). 1" wood disks (the ones I used are made by Lara's craft found at craft stores), craft magnets ( I used .75" craft magnets made by Artminds (also found at craft stores), and of course bottle caps.

The first step is to take a nail or sharp object and scratch or remove the rubbery surface on the inside of the bottle cap. This make is easy for the glue to stick.

Next glue the wood circle inside the bottle cap. This will raise the magnet up so that the bottle cap does not rest directly on your refrigerator and scratch it. You can use anything for this step, but I think that wood works best.

Place the magnet on top of the wood disk to make sure that the magnet is higher than the rim of the bottle cap. If it's not high enough add another wood layer before gluing the magnet on. Then glue the magnet to the wood disk.

Finally paint the bottle caps to look like ladybugs. Let the red layer dry before painting the head and spots. Some bottle caps are real interesting and would be fun to leave unpainted.

There you have it. Adorable ladybug magnets just in time for the first day of spring. I wish that I had some googly eyes on hand for this project but I think they turned out cute enough without them. Happy First Day of Spring and Have Fun!



  1. Happy spring indeed,lovely ladybugs cheers Marie

  2. Oh my word!! This is what you were talking about Mercy :) Too cute for words! Tanks for the comment -- grocery shopping on bikes... now that sounds exciting!

  3. I just stopped by. Happy Spring! Your ladybugs are just adorable !


  4. I love ladybugs, and these magnets are great!

  5. I like this and the bunny project- even I could do this! LOL
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. I really love my little clock face w/the key hands. Need to hunt for more clock faces so I can keep crafting.
    :-) Sue