Thursday, April 8, 2010

Washcloth Bunny

On Easter my Mum presented me with a little washcloth bunny she used as an Easter/Spring decoration when I was little. My sister and I would take turns holding him and making him hop along the dinner table. From now on he will hop along on my nature table every spring. It's a very simple craft and I hope that your family enjoys the one you make as much as we loved ours.

First you need a washcloth the color that you want your bunny to be. Snip off the tag and any stray threads. Fold the washcloth in half so it's a triangle; then tightly roll the triangle up from the point.
Fold the rolled up washcloth in half. Then fold the two halves over the top of the roll. Put a rubber band around the middle of the washcloth. Place it about where my index finger and thumb are in the second picture. This separates the head from the body and gives it it's bunny shape. For a nose I cut a piece of light pink felt and needle felted it in place. The one Mum gave me had a circle glued on. I'm sure a bead would look cute as well. For a tail I needle felted a tiny piece of cotton to the back. The one Mum gave me has a small pom pom. Tie a ribbon around the neck to hide the rubber band and you are done.

Here is my new bunny playing with the little bunny from my child hood. They look like they are having fun; now it's your turn. There are endless ways to decorate your bunnies. I hope you enjoy making your own and Have fun!


  1. Oh I do think this is so cute, I will hand it on to my sister, who has littlies. cheers Marie

  2. This is precious. I've never seen this craft! love, Beth

    Super P.S. Thank you so much for letting people know about the Haiti raffle for orphans and for giving!

  3. How Adorable!!
    Winter is still here too....Chilly!!
    Have a Peaceful Day!!

  4. I had one of these as a kid we called it the boo boo bunny. When I got hurt my mom put a ice cube in the body loop like an ice pack.